Black Spots On The Patio Surface

What are black spots?

Black spots affecting paving surfaces are becoming an ever-increasing problem within the UK and that’s because the UK is such a damp environment, which black spots (Lichens) love.

The reason black spots have worsened on patio surfaces throughout the UK over the last 30 years, is due to the lack of industrial factories being used. During the 1980s, the UK had many Industrial factories, which contributed to air pollution and therefore created Acidic rain, which would then go on to stop bacteria forming, keeping the black spots away.

Black spots know as Lichens, are formed of two bacteria’s, Fungi and Algae and we are all too aware of just how stubborn they can be, especially when feeding from our paving surfaces, as they spread all across the patio. Black spots (Lichens) create a biofilm surface protection layer once formed, which stops us being able to remove them from the patio surface, unless killed with steam or chemical application.

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How to Clean a Patio


It’s important the professional you seek is a trained cleaning contractor. Steam cleaning or low-pressure cleaning is an instant and effective method for cleaning a patio. This method removes bacterial build up, and provides the patio with a non-slippery and safe surface to walk on when wet. All patio surfaces can then have a sealant applied to further protect the patio after low-pressure cleaning.

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